Welcome to the World of Xiphis!

Welcome to the World of Xiphis!

Xiphis is the fictional world found in the Xiphis Saga by E. S. Elias.
Why a separate site? I have been having trouble updating my actual author website because I don't have high-speed WiFi at home. I work from a hotspot, on my phone and the platform I've been using to post my books just won't load without high-speed. Since I am currently focused on all things Xiphis-related, I decided to set up this mini-site/blog. No, there will not be regular blog posts/updates. It is just a place where I can showcase the amazing World of Xiphis.

Below, you will find page-links (more coming soon!) to the completed books and where you can find them. At the moment, I only have links to Wattpad, but I hope to have actual purchase links in the future.

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The Xiphis Saga; Main Series

Book One: The Bridge Between Worlds
Book Two: The Burning of the Bridge 
Book Three: The Rebuilding of the Bridge (coming soon)

Future Sequel Series .... COMING SOON

Book One
Book Two
Book Three

Spin-Off Prequel Duet ... COMING SOON


The Xiphis Tales: A Short Story Collection (COMING SOON)
    This is a collection of short stories that take place within the Xiphis world, as companions or parallels to books within the series.
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